Stay up-to-date on the changing rules and regulations of U.S. sports betting. Learn where sports betting is legal now and where it’s likely to be in the future with our bill and law tracker.

Responsible Gambling

The Laws

Where is sports betting legal?

Discover where sports betting is legal state by state. Find out where the laws are changing and where it’s unlikely to see legal sports betting anytime soon.

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Getting Started

How to bet on sports online

If you’re curious about online sports betting, you need guidance on how to place safe and legal bets. We advise you on what to look for and how the online betting process works.

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U.S. Bill and Law Tracker

Learn About State Sports Betting Laws

We keep you up-to-date on the changing rules and regulations. Use our bill and law tracker to look up where sports betting is legal for all 50 states.

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Court Homepage

Legality Resources

Choose Reputable Sites

The best online sportsbooks and sports betting sites

Choosing a reputable online sports betting site takes time and research. We did the work and put together a list of online sports betting sites that you can trust.

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Learn the Basics

How sports betting works

To be a responsible bettor, you need to know the ins and outs of the sports betting process. Learn how the odds work so you can make smart decisions.

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Proponents of Responsible Betting

Keeping Bettors Informed

We work with legal experts and sports betting insiders to provide you with the most accurate information. We only present you with online sportsbooks and sports betting sites that are safe to use, and we’re committed to presenting you with resources that promote responsible betting and offer help for gambling addiction.

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