Sports betting is not currently legal in Vermont. Although several neighboring states have legalized it, Vermont has been hesitant to pass any legislation to regulate retail or online sports betting.

This may change, though, as Vermont lawmakers continue to look into legalizing sports betting. The state has launched a committee to study sports betting models in the United States to find the optimal program..

Here’s everything you need to know about online sports betting in Vermont.

Recent News and Details About Sports Betting in Vermont

  • Neither sports betting nor gambling is currently legal in Vermont, though lawmakers in the state are considering the possibility of sports betting legalization.
  • Sen. Michael Sirotkin introduced S 59, which would create a sports betting study committee in Vermont. This committee would study sports betting models to determine what would work best in the state.
  • Although sports betting is not yet legal in Vermont, it is legal to bet on horse races. There are currently no tracks licensed to offer racing in Vermont, but residents can bet on races online via apps such as TVG and TwinSpires.
  • Several northeastern states surrounding Vermont have legalized sports betting, including New York, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, leading Vermont residents to travel to these states to place legal sports bets.
  • Despite the state’s hesitancy to legalize sports betting, Vermont explicitly legalized daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests from platforms such as DraftKings and FanDuel.
  • In 2021, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed H 313 into law. This bill launched a study into legalized sports betting with the hopes that it would encourage legislators to take action to legalize it. However, it has yet to result in anything substantial.

Online Sports Betting in Vermont: A Timeline

Online sports betting isn’t legal in Vermont, but this could change in the future as some legislators remain dedicated to passing sports betting legislation. In recent years, the state has moved closer to legalizing it by establishing a committee to study sports betting models to find one that would be suitable for Vermont. Here’s a closer look at the timeline of the efforts to legalize sports betting in Vermont.

  • July 2022: Wendy Knight, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery, states that the lack of sports betting and gambling regulation is leading to illegal gambling operations in the state.
  • June 9, 2022: Vermont establishes a committee to explore sports betting. It will consist of nine members and is tasked with reviewing the sports betting study commissioned by the Office of Legislative Council and the Joint Fiscal Office. The committee must meet by Sept. 1 and will cease to exist after Dec. 30.
  • June 9, 2021: Gov. Phil Scott signs H 313 into law in an effort to encourage legislators to look into sports betting legalization.
  • March 25, 2020: The Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs approves S 59. The bill will establish a committee to study sports betting models to find one that could potentially work in Vermont.
  • January 2020: Sens. Dick Spears and Michael Sirotkin introduce S 213, which would legalize mobile sports betting in Vermont. However, the bill is not successful.
  • 2019: Rep. Thomas Burditt introduces H 484 to legalize both online and retail sports betting in Vermont. However, the bill stalls after its first reading in a House committee.

How Do Vermont Residents Feel About Sports Betting?

There isn’t much data to determine whether Vermont voters support sports betting legalization. While lawmakers in the state have made efforts to move toward legalization, these efforts have not amounted to much, and Vermont voters haven’t had the opportunity to vote on such measures themselves.

However, as states in the northeastern United States continue to legalize sports betting, it’s likely Vermont will soon follow suit considering the revenue that sports betting legalization could bring to the state.

Daily fantasy sports apps are a popular alternative to sports betting apps, as they allow users to build fantasy teams and compete against other users for cash and other prizes. As the outcomes of these contests often rely on the player’s sports knowledge, they are often viewed as skill-based games rather than games of chance.

Although Vermont has yet to legalize sports betting, the state did legalize daily fantasy sports contests in 2017. Attorney General William Sorrell’s office previously stated that DFS contests went against Vermont’s gaming laws, prompting lawmakers to pass legislation that legalized and regulated DFS contests. Vermont residents can register with a platform such as DraftKings or FanDuel to participate in these contests.

Vermont Sports Betting FAQs

Editor’s Note: Information accurate as of July 2022.


When will sports betting launch in Vermont?

Currently, there is no plan to legalize sports betting in Vermont. Although lawmakers are looking into the viability of legalizing sports betting, it may be several years before residents can legally bet on sports.


Will there be online sportsbooks in Vermont?

If Vermont legalized sports betting, it will likely include online sports betting. Previous sports betting bills have included either retail and mobile sports betting or mobile-only sports betting.


How old do I have to be to bet online in Vermont?

You will likely have to be 21 or older to bet online in Vermont if the state legalizes online sports betting.


Will you need to be a resident of Vermont to place bets online?

You will likely not need to be a resident of Vermont to place bets online. However, like other states with legal sports betting, you will need to be located within state lines and will have to verify your location before placing bets online.


Who regulates the online sportsbooks in Vermont?

If Vermont legalizes sports betting, regulation will likely fall to the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery. Otherwise, a new regulatory body will likely need to be established.


Is it safe to use online sportsbook apps in Vermont?

No, it is not safe to use online sportsbook apps in Vermont, as sports betting is illegal in the state. While some offshore sportsbooks may claim to operate legally in Vermont, these should be avoided as they may leave you susceptible to scams, fraud, and other consequences.

Neighboring States That Legalized Sports Betting

Of the four states that border Vermont, three have legalized sports betting, leaving Vermont as one of the few northeastern states to not support legal sports betting.

  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire passed sports betting legislation in 2019, and the state launched online sports betting via DraftKings Sportsbook in 2020.
  • New York: New York legalized retail sports betting in 2019 and launched online sports betting in 2022. The state is now home to one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country and features several major sports betting platforms, including FanDuel, Caesars, DraftKings, and BetRivers.
  • Maine: Maine is one of the most recent states to legalize sports betting. The state’s governor signed sports betting legislation into law in May 2022; however, sports betting is not yet live in the state.