Retail and online sports betting are illegal in Oklahoma despite multiple efforts from lawmakers and the state’s governor to legalize it in recent years.

In 2022, state legislators introduced HB 3008 in an attempt to legalize sports betting at tribal casinos. However, the bill died in the House, delaying this type of legalization for at least another year.

Here’s everything you need to know about online sports betting in Oklahoma.

Recent News and Details About Sports Betting in Oklahoma

  • Sports betting is not legal in Oklahoma despite recent attempts from lawmakers and the state’s governor to legalize it on tribal lands.
  • In 2020, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt approved retail sports betting on tribal lands as part of two gaming compacts but this was quickly shut down as the state’s attorney general published an opinion stating that the governor did not have the legal authority to legalize sports betting. Stitt was sued by two state lawmakers and the court ultimately sided against the governor.
  • HB 3008 was introduced in 2022. The bill would have legalized retail sports betting on tribal lands, but it died when the House failed to vote on it by the March 24 deadline. HB 3008 previously passed the House budget committee by a vote of 28-3.
  • While there have been a few attempts to legalize retail sports betting in Oklahoma, there have not been any recent efforts to legalize statewide mobile sports betting. As a result, bettors may have to wait a few years before being able to place bets online.
  • Betting on horse racing is legal in Oklahoma. Simulcast betting is available at the state’s three horse racing tracks.
  • Daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests are not regulated in Oklahoma but have not been prohibited, either. Platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel accept entries from players in the state.

Sports betting is not legal in Oklahoma, but this could change soon as several legislators and the state’s governor have tried in recent years to legalize this activity at tribal casinos. While these efforts have not been successful, the most recent sports betting bill, HB 3008, was able to pass the House budget committee, indicating some significant progress on the issue. Here’s a closer look at the timeline of sports betting legislation in Oklahoma.

  • March 24, 2022: HB 3008 is shut down as the Oklahoma House fails to vote on the bill by the deadline. The bill’s lead sponsor Rep. Ken Luttrell stated that the bill’s failure is due to a lack of support from the Senate.
  • March 2, 2022: The House budget committee passes HB 3008 by a vote of 28-3. The bill will need to be approved by a vote on the House floor by March 24 before moving on to the Senate.
  • February 7, 2022: HB 3008 is introduced by lead sponsor Rep. Ken Lutrell and co-sponsors Rep. Mickey Dollens and Sen. Bill Coleman. The bill would add sports betting to the games allowed at tribal casinos under the state’s tribal gaming compacts.
  • January 27, 2021: The Oklahoma Supreme Court once again throws out two tribal gaming compacts negotiated by Gov. Kevin Stitt. While sports betting was not included in these compacts, the state’s GOP leaders argued that Stitt was disrupting the balance between the Executive and Legislative branches.
  • July 21, 2020: The Oklahoma Supreme Court throws out two tribal gaming compacts due to Gov. Kevin Stitt acting outside of his legal authority by authorizing sports betting on tribal lands. After being sued by Senate president pro tempore Greg Treat and House Speaker Charles McCall, the Supreme Court ruled against the governor by a vote of 7-1.
  • March 2020: Kevin Stitt offers sports betting as part of tribal gaming compact renegotiations. State tribes turned down the offer, and Attorney General Mike Hunter published an official opinion stating that Stitt does not have the authority to offer sports betting.

How Do Oklahoma Residents Feel About Sports Betting?

As Oklahoma voters have yet to get the chance to vote on sports betting legalization, there isn’t much data regarding how residents feel about sports betting. However, as casino gambling and horse race betting have been legal in the state for years, and several neighboring states have specifically legalized sports betting, it’s unlikely that residents would be opposed to sports betting legalization.

According to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, the state ranked second in gross gaming revenue as a percentage of state gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, and first in tribal revenue growth since 2004. While not directly related to sports betting, this indicates that many Oklahoma residents are fond of gambling and would be less likely to oppose the introduction of new types of gaming, including sports betting.

DFS apps are often considered games of skill. They allow players to capitalize on their sports knowledge by building fantasy teams to compete against other users in daily contests for cash and other prizes. However, some states still view these games as gambling and prohibit them under their gambling laws.

In Oklahoma, DFS contests are neither explicitly legal nor illegal. Instead, they continue to operate in a legal gray area as the state has yet to pass any legislation to regulate these contests. As a result, popular DFS platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel are able to accept entries from players in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Sports Betting FAQs

Editor’s Note: Information accurate as of August 2022.


When will sports betting launch in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma bettors will have to wait at least one more year for sports betting legislation to pass. HB 3008, which was introduced in 2022, was unsuccessful, meaning that legal sports betting will be sidelined until 2023 at the earliest.


Will there be online sportsbooks in Oklahoma?

It’s unclear if sports betting legislation in Oklahoma would include online activities. The most recent attempt to legalize sports betting only included retail sports betting at tribal casinos.


How old do I have to be to bet online in Oklahoma?

If online sports betting is legalized in Oklahoma, you will likely have to be 21 or older to bet online.


Will you need to be a resident of Oklahoma to place bets online?

No, you will likely not need to be a resident of Oklahoma to bet online. However, you will need to be located within state lines. In the past, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt attempted to authorize sports betting at tribal casinos, including mobile sports betting while on-site at an authorized casino. In this case, you could also be required to be within a geofenced area at a casino to bet online.


Who regulates the online sportsbooks in Oklahoma?

Online sportsbooks are not available in Oklahoma, so there is currently no agency responsible for regulating them in the state.


Is it safe to use online sportsbook apps in Oklahoma?

No, it is not safe to use online sportsbook apps in Oklahoma as there are no legal online betting platforms available in the state.

Neighboring States That Legalized Sports Betting

Oklahoma shares a border with six states, three of which have already legalized sports betting, including Arkansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. Missouri and Kansas are also expected to launch sports betting soon, though Texas has yet to take any meaningful steps to pass related legislation.

  • Arkansas: Both retail and online sports betting are legal in Arkansas. Sports betting was previously only legal at the state’s three casinos, but online betting was legalized in March 2022.
  • Colorado: Colorado is home to one of the country’s largest sports betting markets, with over two dozen online apps to choose from. Retail sports betting is also legal, and all online sportsbooks are required to partner with an in-state casino.
  • New Mexico: New Mexico has yet to pass sports betting legislation, but tribal casinos began accepting sports bets in 2018 without state intervention. While retail betting is offered at tribal casinos, online and mobile betting are still unavailable.